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Hey guys. Yes I'm begging, so sue me. Or please don't, since I have no money, obviously, otherwise, what point would the begging be?

Here's the skinny, folk. I have tuition to pay, I'm a college student, yet I am poor. This is a conundrum, and how, oh how to solve it? Get money from strangers on the internet, of course. OK, so temporary almost maybe fix. But I will say that I need this to work. So come on, give me a dollar, I promise I smell better than the people you meet on the subways begging. And it keeps me from becoming one of the subway beggars.

And, for every five dollars I get, I'll draw something. Maybe I'll put up a poll if I ever get five dollars about what I should draw. I'm in school for illustration.

Thanks for taking the time to read this, and please, please click the button bellow, it helps a lot. I have about 325 dollars to raise before next month.
Tags: begging, random

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