mightypenlight (mightypenlight) wrote,

I'm in a bad mood.

And I'm gonna post about it. Even if my bad mood is right now mostly *grumble grumble* nuerotypicals suck, and this willl be read by all nuerotypicals most likely. Sorry if I offends you on the internets. But I had a coworker/supervisor tell me off for asking work related clarifying questions today! And I'm sorry, as I politely tried to explain to him I ask a lot of questions. Its just me, and if I am asking a question it means that facts need clarification in my mind. I'm not being rude by asking questions! I want to know the simple, one word yes/no answers! And than I hurt his feeling somehow, or made him annoyed. I dunno, there was a general air of annoyance/possibly upset. Subtle emotions are crap. Than I think I got rather snarky and know it all ish, pointing out that all the facts know about random things that he loves, I know because I ask questions! Its how you learn.

Also, I apparently am not polite on drive trough because I have trouble making small talk. I don't really like small talk, it requires prolonged eye contact, and I in general don't care about the lives of the people getting hamburgers. I have a much easier time with small tlak when I like the person.  Even though I am more careful with my pleases and thank yous and always saying very will rather than very good and asking the customer if they need anything else. Parently its better that I not be all by the book polite, they'd rather have small talk.
Tags: aspies, nurotypicals, random

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