mightypenlight (mightypenlight) wrote,

Well, today kinda sucked ...

The air quality out my way has been nothing but awful lately, and I, having severe allergies, have thus been confined to the indoors. As I like to take long walks to nowhere as exercise, this has nothing but terrible for me. There are only so many Doctor Who reruns I can stand, and so many movies I can watch before my nephew shows up to say he has somehting really funny that he knows I'll just love and I then have to sit through 'Malibu's Most Wanted' pretending to laugh out of courtesy .

Dear god, the jokes, they aren't funny! HELP ME!

Oh, and then I check on the update for that 'anti-gay' bill in Uganda. And learned that they have done nothing but delay the bill till Friday to be considered.  But that does mean you can still sign the petition here: HERE PLEASE!

It's not often I'll champion politics on here, but they are going to kill people if this goes through.

Bleh, today sucked, and tomorrow work.
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