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Hi, I'm the mightlypenlight, and yes, that is a poorly conceived Dr Who joke.Thank you for noticing.

About me IRL, you don't need to know much. I'm an artist, writer and lover of cheese. Dr Who is my favorite show, followed by LOST. I liked Torchwood until the creators saw fit to kill everyone on the show. My favorite book is probably the Lord of the Rings, and aren't I a fountain of originality? oh, and I collect hats and used pulp sci-fi novels.

If any of this sounds tantalizingly interesting, and you must meet meet me, I attend the Atlanta general nerd convention Dragon Con each year, so yeah. Not in a cool guest type way, rather in a geek-in-homemade-costume-lurking-about-the-Brit-track area way.


No I don't speak Spanish well. But my Spanglish is beyond reproach.